Commission Posts

Curious to get more of just before and after photos? I decided to share with you guys all the goes intro transforming the pieces I create, specially the ones brought to me by clients looking to restore the glory of old pieces in their homes – often times passed on by family – but that don’t fit the current style or needs, or might simply seen better days and just need a refresh…

Although I absolutely love seeing what these pieces look like when I’m finished with them, often times they’re also the most challenging ones, and bring back limiting beliefs, insecurities and fears when things don’t go exactly as planned or the vision I had for them. I feel responsible to preserve the piece’s integrity and memories, while giving a new life that not only makes them shine again, but most importantly fits what the owner’s vision for them and will make them happy and proud of using and showing them off in their homes, and knowing they made the right decision for trusting me with them.

Not only that, but I will admit, I LOVE experimenting with colors, types of finishes, textures, techniques, appliqués and etc., so it can be hard to just simply restore them to its prior original state, specially when I may not have the necessary skills or if the wear and tear will never be able to be completed unnoticed… which again, brings up the fear of falling short and disappointing my current and future clients when they see the before and after images, as I will admit, I usually have a hard time seeing the “big” difference if I just re-stained a piece for instance…

With that I thought I would create a space not only to showcase and highlight the before and after of the commission pieces I work on; but also to share the challenges, struggles, learnings and success of this process, and most importantly to show appreciation to all who have and the ones who might trust me to work on their pieces.

Hope you enjoy the journey and posts, and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback!

Some of my most recent Commission pieces – 2021

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